International Wheelchair Golf Open Championships – Thank you & final conclusion

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Aktuelles, General, Tournament

It all started in November 2017 with the idea to organize a tournament for wheelchair golfer from all parts of the world for the first time. We, the company Powerbasetec, have been working on the subject of golf in wheelchairs for 17 years. During this time we have developed and sell some models of golf wheelchairs worldwide. With our golf wheelchairs, we have already enabled many people to regain lost freedom of movement and thereby create a sense of acceptance in sports and everyday life.

The choice of location for the International Wheelchair Golf Open Championships (IWGOC) quickly fell on the beautiful island of Mallorca, as there has been a relationship with the organization Handisport in Mallorca for more than 10 years. Handisport offers a variety of sports activities, such as sailing, diving or golfing, for island visitors with handicaps and support us in the planning and implementation on site.

More about Handisport in Mallorca can be found here.

With the help of Handisport we managed to organize this tournament for players from all over the world and finally perform it. The whole thing was a mammoth task, but we were able to master it successfully with the help and the high motivation of the motivated employees.

To kick off the tournament there was a big opening ceremony. At the beginning, a Majorcan children’s choir provided excellent music performance. The ensuing invasion of the respective players including national flags and the corresponding national anthem was certainly an emotional highlight of the opening ceremony, which was rounded off with the tournament anthem “We’re all friends” specially composed for this tournament and sung by Christian Nachtwey (see below).

After the opening, it went on the play round. The day was given the final touch by an evening event at which the rules for the tournament were explained by the sovereign referee of the EDGA, Mr. Georg Kronberger from Austria. At the same time, the participants had the opportunity to get to know each other better and to initiate the upcoming tournament.

In the best weather and sunshine, the first round of the two-day IWGOC was played the next morning, with excellent results. At this point a big thank you to the Greenkeeperteam and the golf club Son Antem, who provided the place in a very good condition.

The conclusion of this unique event was the gala dinner on the evening of the second day in the fantastic location of the aquarium Mallorca. Surrounded by sharks and several other sea dwellers, the winners of each category were honored with great applause. Find the result lists under this article.

In summary, the tournament, which was the first on this scale, was a complete success. We hope to organize more events of this kind in other parts of the world for the future and thereby make the wheelchair golf sport more public.

The tournament was characterized by a tangible cohesion between the players * inside, as all players * inside a similar fate carry and despite accident, illness or other restrictions here had the opportunity to represent their respective home country.

An experience that will probably stay in the memory of all participants for a lifetime.

Everything under the appropriate leitmotif of the tournament anthem

We’re all friends

Download Anthem for free !





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