PowerBaseTec is a small medium-sized company that specializes in active mobility.
Especially in the field of golf for disabled people , together with our partner, Otto Bock, we are the sole supplier of the ParaMotion , which we exclusively distribute throughout Europe and offer and implement the worldwide exclusive service.
For 2 years, we have included the Handbikes of Stricker in our offer.
Not only do we distribute it, but we also offer a comprehensive service for our customers.

The owner Christian Nachtwey is himself a victim and therefore knows exactly which needs are in the foreground for wheelchair users.

… “arose from a vision and a desire for a life on an equal footing”

Christian Nachtwey

Founder & owner

Our team is committed to meeting every customer’s request quickly.

The most important thing in our work is the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we manufacture our products to high standards and with the best components that currently exist on the market.

Whether batteries, controls or motors, everything is geared towards longevity and quality.

The story

The golfer Christian Nachtwey likes to betray his handicap. “I can’t walk,” he says. Break. While Nachtwey (born 1963) lurks out the words as loosely easily as if he were bathing the caddie around another iron, the interlocutor is stalling. Only now is the ambiguity of the question dawning on him. Nachtwey smiles. Of course, he knows full well that the level of play on the green is meant – and that stands at 21.9.

“In the medium term, I want to reach 17 to 18,” Nachtwey says. A value that already requires a lot of respect from a healthy athlete. In this case, the combination of numbers looks even more impressive. Christian Nachtwey is not a healthy sportsman. No more! He has been wheelchair-bound since a road accident. Am 6. Juni 1997 nimmt sein Leben innerhalb von Sekunden eine dramatische Wende. “‘ Th 12 complete ‘ was the diagnosis,” he says. Translated for medical stores: “Below the belly button I am paralyzed.”

“It is said that it takes about two years for the head to be in a wheelchair,”

he says. “I realized this very quickly. And accepted the new situation. ” “No longer being able to walk,” says Nachtwey, is the least of the problem for those affected. “All other restrictions are much more serious.” For example, the meanwhile 15 operations because of open pressure points, so-called pressure ulcers. At that time, the attending doctor told him relatively bluntly that he would have to cut off his great passion in the future. “He said, I can forget golf,” says Nachtwey. Instead, he was advised to focus on diving or swimming: “Because at least I can do that together with my wife.”

The gloomy prognosis awakens Nachtwey’s inventiveness. Renounce golf because of the disease? No, he’s not ready for that. Nachtwey starts tinkering. In his workshop, he screws apart old electric wheelchairs apart and newly together. We are looking for a solution that kills two birds with one stone: off-road ability and upright function. “The first frame I built from wood,” he smiles. “Our village blacksmith had to rebuild the metal frame.” Nearly four years move into the country until all the details have matured.

The patience paid off. With the help of the so-called paraglider (other models are power golfers or motion X4), the supposedly hopeless case has now become a champion. Nachtwey is one of the elite of the disabled golf in Europe. He is now president of the Disabled Golf Club Germany and regularly clears medals and cups at international tournaments. The biggest triumph to date is the 2001 European Champions title. In addition, he has been German champion 6 times, some times runner-up and won various titles in South Africa, Denmark, England, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Holland, France and some more.

Who now suspects that the good results based on hard training hours, which is baffled. “I can not afford that,” says Nachtwey. “I do not have the time.” After all, he is a businessman. Nachtwey sells the special devices it has developed worldwide. On top of that, he manages the office of the Disabled Golf Club Germany e.V.His wife Bettina (born 1967) is a secretary his right hand. Both volunteer for the BGC. Out of pure enthusiasm, as he says. But with a clear mission. “We want to reduce fear of contact and show people that disabled people are normal in society and on the golf course and golf is a very good treatment option for disabled people.

Today, the new ParaMotion with the current best technology on the market offers many physically disadvantaged people worldwide a bit of new freedom. “And it’s always nice to see my idea, of course with the great support of my wife, put a smile on a lot of people’s faces,” says Christian Nachtwey.





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