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What financing options are available?

– Leasing and installment plan for tradesmen

– Payment by installments

We are also happy to support you with alternative financing models such as crowdfunding

Will the ParaMotion fit in my car?

The ParaMotion fits in many different station wagons, vans and SUVs.

E.g. Audi A4, A6, Q7, Skoda Oktavia, Superb, Mercedes C-class, E-class and many more. Just ask us with your car model and we will check for you.

How often do I have to charge the batteries of my ParaMotion?

– It is advisable to charge the batteries every night – regardless of their use during the day. It is especially important to fully charge your power wheelchair before using it for the first time. If you do not charge the batteries regularly, the ability to store electricity will be compromised.

– The maximum allowable charging voltage is 24V; the maximum charging current is 12A.

What are the dimensions and weight of the installed batteries?

– The batteries of the ParaMotion have the following maximum dimensions:

   – Max. Width: 269 mm

   – Max. Depth: 286 mm

   – Max. Height: 230 mm

   – Weight (2 batteries 95 Ah): approx. 80kg

Where is the best place to store the ParaMotion?

In the best case at room temperature, dry and dust-protected store at longer standing time a cardboard base is recommended because the tires contain soot particles that can discolor the floor.

How is the ParaMotion delivered?

The ParaMotion is delivered in a special cardboard box on a pallet or personally.

How long does the battery of the ParaMotion last?

Battery life depends on many factors, such as user weight, temperature, terrain, and battery charge level. The battery life stated in your user manual and other documentation (6 years) is a theoretical maximum (according to ISO 7176) and is always influenced by the situation in which the power wheelchair is used

What is the maximum speed of the ParaMotion?

The maximum speed of the ParaMotion is 10km/h.

How much does the ParaMotion weigh?

The ParaMotion weighs approx. 215kg in the standard version.

How many km is the range of the ParaMotion?

About 40 km. But it depends on the factors, user weight, surface condition and temperature. 27 golf holes should not be a problem.

What is the maximum user weight?

The maximum weight of the user of the ParaMotion is 140kg.

Where and how often should the ParaMotion be serviced?

We recommend that you have your power wheelchair serviced annually by an authorized PowerBaseTec dealer. For your safety, some elements of the chair should be checked regularly. For this purpose, please also refer to the instructions for Regular checks by the user*in the operating instructions supplied with the chair.

How can I set the time on the joystick display?

A: In the settings menu of the control unit it is possible to set the time, brightness, light and color of the display. It is also possible to set whether the trip distance of the current trip or the total distance traveled is displayed. Maneuvering through the menu is done as usual with your joystick.

  • For the CJSM: With the unit turned on, press and hold the Speed-Up and Speed-Down buttons simultaneously until the settings menu appears.
  • For the CJSM2: With the unit switched on, press and hold the hazard light button until the settings menu appears.
How can the joystick be locked or unlocked?

To turn on or unlock the joystick, the unit must be turned on.

To lock the system:

  1. press and hold the on/off button.
  2. after 1 second you will hear a beep, now release the on/off button.

Move the joystick forward until you hear a signal tone. 4.

Then move the joystick backwards until you hear a signal tone again. 5.

Release the joystick. A long signal tone sounds and the lock is switched on, indicated by a lock symbol on the display.

To unlock the system:

  1. if the wheelchair is switched off, switch it on. 2.

Move the joystick forward until you hear a signal tone. 3.

Then move the joystick backwards until you hear a signal tone again. 4.

Release the joystick. A long signal tone sounds and the lock is released. The lock symbol on your display goes out.

What documents do I need for the airline when traveling by air?

For a safe flight, it is necessary to interrupt the power circuit of the power wheelchair so that no movement via joystick or use of assistance systems is possible. To ensure this, trigger the

main circuit breaker in the trunk. In addition, we can provide you with further important documents for submission to the airline and airport security on request.

Document: Can be requested from PowerBaseTec

Am I allowed to drive the ParaMotion on public sidewalks/roads?

No, the ParaMotion may only be used on private property. To be able to use the ParaMotion in road traffic, you have to pass an individual approval at a registration office or institution like e.g. TÜV. However, we do not give any guarantee for a successful approval.

How long does it take for the seat unit to stand up?

Max. Time required for the stand-up function (at max. 140kg payload) is 6.5 seconds.

What is the maximum incline the ParaMotion can climb?

The maximum climbing capacity of the ParaMotion at 140kg in sitting position is 17 °or 30% the lateral tilt stability (in sitting position) is 17 ° (30%)

In which clinical pictures is the ParaMotion applicable?
  • Paraplegia
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spina Bifida
  • Polio
  • Muscular dystrophy

Prior medical or therapeutic evaluation is required for the following conditions, complaints or limitations: 

  • Hip luxation
  • Osteoporosis
  • Contractures in the hip and/or knee joints
  • Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome
  • Lower extremity amputations 
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